For most of my thirty plus year career as a Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, most of which I spent in an Itinerant capacity, I found that two things made a huge difference in the classrooms in which I serviced children. Hushh-ups®, of course, is one.

I worked with kiddos primarily in the pre-school—elementary grades in a very large inner city school system, in the States. I met Margaret Woolfrey at a Conference for the Deaf and saw this product! What a find!

From that time on I requested, in my IEPs, that all classrooms in which I serviced children be outfitted with Hushh-ups®. Soon, my colleagues did the same. Without fail teachers loved them. I requested them again at each student’s yearly meeting. Eventually the Hushh-ups® just followed the student to the dismay of many, many, teachers.

This product makes such common sense for all students, especially, those with Middle Ear Dysfunction. So often the middle ear infection starts slowly, possibly weeks in the making, and doesn’t always resolve after treatment. Often there is no re-check after treatment and the cycle continues. In my professional opinion, this is a huge problem which research shows may contribute to learning disabilities and, specifically reading disabilities.

The reduction of noise in the classroom, that Hushh-ups® provides, is an easy, simple, necessary addition to EVERY classroom for every child.

Haley Retired TDHH


Every time I demonstrate Hushh-ups®, the audience is amazed at the difference in noise between chairs with and without Hushh-ups®. At one seminar I gave, the audience was so surprised that there was complete silence after the Hushh-ups®chairs were demonstrated. You could hear a pin drop in the room. So great was the amazement that the silence lasted for about 2 – 3 minutes.

I gave one chair set to a friend because she complained about the noise her kitchen chair makes when she moves it across the floor, disturbing her neighbour below. With the Hushh-ups®, there is no noise.

I have talked to teachers and caretakers who constantly extol the virtues of Hushh-ups®. I’m also told that the students also enjoy the quiet offered by Hushh-ups® on the classroom chairs.

I am having the hardwood floors refinished in the dining room and when it is finished I will be putting Hushh-ups® on the chairs. Not only to reduce the noise but also to reduce the scratching on the new hardwood floor.

Brown, Past President
Canadian Hard of Hearing Association
New Brunswick


Hushh-ups® use is increasing dramatically in our schools!

Initially, the use of Hushh-ups® was embraced in classrooms where there were students who had a significant degree of hearing loss.  However, the teachers and the students greatly missed the lack of noise when the Hushh-ups® were passed on to the next year’s class.

Students find listening and learning easier when the amount of environmental noise is reduced.  In some cases, teachers are purchasing a set of Hushh-ups® for their own classroom use.   In other cases, school staffs are approaching their Parent Councils for funding to supply all classrooms with Hushh-ups®.

The benefit of Hushh-ups® has grown far beyond the support of students with hearing loss.  Hushh-ups® support listening in the classroom for all students!

Wilkinson, Special Education Consultant (Hearing)


Our school has welcomed the addition of Hushh-ups® to our student chairs and desks for the following reasons:

  • Hushh-ups®keep our school floors cleaner from black marks and the soft material actually dusts the floor as the chair is moved back and forth (Facility Operator)
  • Hushh-ups® save our tile flooring from wear and tear due to the protectiveness of the tennis ball (Principal)
  • Hushh-ups® greatly reduces the noise level in the classroom as the addition to the bottom of each chair leg cushions the noise when the chair is moved (Teachers)
  • Hushh-ups®are made of high quality material, ensuring that they last longer without replacement (Administrative Secretary – finances)
  • Hushh-ups® were purchased as an experimental device to help reduce noise levels within our school and we were so pleased with the results that we purchased enough Hushh-ups® for every classroom in the school (Principal)

Thank you for a fine product!

Smith, Administrative Secretary


I received my order of Hushh-ups® just before Christmas. Thank you for your cooperation in helping me get them to the Middle East.

The difference they have made in my teaching day is unbelievable. The noise level from scraping chairs across the floor has completely disappeared. The children are more attentive and are able to move around the classroom without causing a major disruption in instruction or without disturbing other children who are working. Before using the Hushh-ups®, even changing subjects created unbearable noise since the children had no other choice but push their chair away from their desk to reach the materials inside.

There is no doubt in my mind that using the Hushh-ups® has created a better learning environment for my class and certainly taken stress out of my teaching day.

Thanks again. I recommend and demonstrate your product to all the curious people who stop by my classroom and ask “Why do you have those blue balls on your chairs?”

Eaton, grade 3 teacher Doha


As a primary teacher, I cannot imagine my class without Hushh-ups®. I find that Hushh-ups® are the only product that truly removes noise from the classroom by completely eliminating the scraping sound created by the movement of students’ chairs. Any teacher will tell you that this noise is very annoying and distracting to both students and teachers. As a result everyone can hear better and are less distracted – two key issues in any class!

Anyone can easily install this product by simply pushing the Hushh-ups®with your hand onto the bottom of each chair leg. No tools are necessary and it only takes a few seconds to place each Hushh-ups® on each chair leg.

It all sounds so simple but the results are amazing!

Anderson, grade 1 teacher


I have used Hushh-ups in my classroom for over four years now. Every since they were put on the chairs, there has been a HUGE reduction in the noise level as well as a great difference in the students’ ability to focus.

Recently, my Grade 7 and 8 students were asked to send their chairs to the gym for an evening concert performance. One of the Grade 7 students announced “Miss, get the bag for our Hushh-ups so we can store them. We’re not sharing these! “.

After the performance and the chairs were returned, I did not immediately put the Hushh-ups back on the chairs. One afternoon, I returned to a classroom of 33 Intermediate students complaining, ” I have a headache, it’s too loud in here”. ” Where are our Hushh-ups? “. Shortly, thereafter, the Hushh-ups were placed back on the chairs. I no longer have a headache, either!

Wilkins, grade 7/8 teacher


All the classrooms in our entire school have been outfitted with Hushh-ups®. From students and teachers to custodians, the response has been that Hushh-ups® make the classroom quieter, no distractions from moving chairs, especially when there are classes or offices below. They keep the floors in better condition too. A truly worthwhile investment!

Poprawa, Past Chair
School Advisory Council


A poor acoustic environment compromises everyone’s learning potential – and lack of academic success undermines self-esteem and self-confidence. Hushh-ups® significantly reduce background noise levels and increase the opportunity for each student to learn.

Provincial Supervisor for Hearing Education and Auditory Resources Certified Auditory Verbal Therapist


Last year we were downstairs and we couldn’t do our work when the class upstairs moved their chairs. –Alicia

They help Mrs. S. [custodian] by not marking the floor. – Katrina

We should have Hushh-ups® on the desks too. – James

When there are no Hushh-ups® and a chair scrapes, I get the shivers and I stop concentrating. – Ayesha

Thank you for making Hushh-ups®– Nicole

Grade 4 students


I have used Hushh-ups® in my classroom for the past two years.  From the start, I noticed how the annoying, scraping noise from the chairs was eliminated.  All my students were able to concentrate better.  I definitely noticed a big improvement in my students who are easily distracted.  Their ability to focus and complete tasks is much better.  The whole room seems to be calmer.  Even my “active” students seem to be able to control their behaviour better.

Recently, I was asked to work on a project in another class.  Trying to concentrate on the work was quite difficult, as I kept getting distracted by the noise of moving chairs.  It reminded me of what it used to be like in my classroom. It made me realize that I don’t ever want to teach in a classroom without Hushh-ups® again!

I highly recommend Hushh-ups® to all my colleagues so they too can experience the benefits of a quieter classroom and provide the students with a better learning environment.

Hawrylak, grade 4 teacher


Our school has been using Hushh-ups® since 1997 in all of our classrooms, plus our cafeteria. The difference they make is remarkable.

The reduction in the noise helps our staff teach more effectively. The students have an easier time listening and getting their work done.

Our custodian thinks they’re great too. The floors are much easier for her to maintain. Hushh-ups® stay on the chairs and last a long time.

My colleagues and I find that getting rid of the annoying scraping noise of the chairs helps us personally as well. Teaching in an active, busy class requires a high level of energy and is often exhausting. Hushh-ups® provide us with relief from that noise. At the end of the day, that’s a definite bonus!

Lagace, Vice Principal
New Brunswick


Our school has been using Hushh-ups® since 1999. Teachers find that they have significantly reduced classroom noise. As a result, classroom distractions have been minimized.

We would recommend them for any educational institution.

Murnaghan, Vice Principal
Prince Edward Island


I just received my order of Hushh-ups® and I have to say I love them! They fit perfectly on my classroom chairs – nice and tight so they won’t come off – and students can’t take them off! They look great too.

Grant, Art teacher