hushhups in classrooms

Our Story

Sound Listening Environments Inc. (SLE) was founded in 1997 to provide a new solution for chair noise control.

Students with hearing loss, autism and attention deficits are greatly affected by chair noise. With increasingly larger classroom sizes and more active settings, noise levels significantly increased.

Looking to resolve chair noise by providing easy access to a safe, ready-to-use solution. SLE launched it’s flagship product Hushh-ups® in 1997. For over 20 years Hushh-ups® has enhanced the acoustics in thousands of classrooms in North America and abroad.

The company founders remain committed to providing every student with the best listening environment for learning.

Meet the Founder

Patricia Bilyk Szagala, M.Sc.(A)

As co-founder of Sound Listening Environments Inc., (SLE) Patricia Bilyk Szagala has been integral in shaping the success of SLE.

Patricia’s professional career as a Speech-Language Pathologist spanned over 30 years. During her career in the educational system, she gained extensive clinical experience working with students presenting with a variety of communication and learning difficulties.

Patricia attended McGill University, where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a Master of Science (Applied) in the field of Speech – Language Pathology.

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