One Classroom Set of Hushh-ups® contains 120 units (10 dozen) which will outfit 30 chairs, desks or tables.

With our collective 40 years in elementary classrooms, we are constantly reminded of the increasing number of children today who suffer from allergies and intolerance to environmental pollutants. That is why we start with only the safest, highest-grade raw materials and subject our product to rigorous testing. Our most frequent inquiry relates to the presence of latex. We are proud to report that results of the LEAP (Latex ELISA for Antigenic Protein) analysis demonstrated Hushh-ups® latex protein levels are below detection.

While we recommend replacing after three school years, some customers report using our Hushh-ups® for more than five school years.

We recommend you do not undertake this initiative for a number of reasons:

  • There is a significant danger associated with cutting tennis balls, whether new or used. High quality tennis balls are very difficult to cut and when hand cut, serious injury may result. Some school districts do not allow “home made” equivalents in their classrooms due to this risk of personal injury. When tennis balls are hand cut, it is not possible to make accurate and even cuts which leads to the balls falling off. Since Hushh-ups® are pre-cut, these issues are eliminated.
  • There are issues of cleanliness and air quality safety to consider. Used tennis balls, even those of championship grade, have been used in outdoor activities and therefore, carry dirt, mould and outdoor contaminants into the classroom.
  • Our championship grade Hushh-ups® are air inflated, meaning that when we precision cut our product, only air is emitted. Cheaper, dollar store balls are less expensive largely due to their inflation methods. Instead of inflating the balls using air, inflation is achieved through the use of pellets or liquid chemicals. The presence of pellet or liquid inflated balls, may result in odours and chemical and/or toxic residues in the classroom, which are difficult for some individuals to tolerate. Touching the inside of these types of balls has not proven to be safe.
  • The life expectancy and durability of a used or lower-quality ball is significantly less than that of a new, championship grade Hushh-ups®. Low-end tennis balls wear out due to the low quality felt and thin core. Customers who have switched from discount store balls to Hushh-ups® have told us that our product lasts much longer and does not fall off chair legs.

Yes. While you likely cannot include as many chairs on the stacks as before, there are two advantages to stacking with Hushh-ups®. First, with Hushh-ups® installed, it is much easier to move the stack of chairs as they will glide more easily along the floor, and second, you will save the floor from the damage and discolouration caused from moving non-protected chairs.

No. Our precision cut is designed to ensure that units will remain on chair legs under normal conditions of use, including moving.

Because Hushh-ups® are made from felt, they can pick up dust, lint and hair. We recommend periodic cleaning using a damp cloth, vacuum or lint brush or large adhesive tape similar to tape used for packaging.

We asked our customers this same question. They acknowledged that depending on the age of the students, there was a novelty factor. The children asked a number of questions and expressed an interest in removing the Hushh-ups® for inspection. We recommend that teachers take a few minutes before and after installation to explain to the children why they now have Hushh-ups® and that they are simply a part of the classroom furniture and should not be removed. Our customers have indicated that this approach has worked successfully.

Yes. The cut is made to accommodate many different sizes of chair leg glides. In addition, many of our customers use Hushh-ups® on the legs of the students’ desks and other tables in the classroom. This further reduces noise from classroom furniture and also protects the floor.We now offer a larger cut for oversized chair legs, desks and tables. This type of cut works for furniture larger than 8.89 cm / 3.5 inches.

Orders are typically processed for shipment within 2-3 days. Delivery times depend on your location but can be expected to arrive within 7 to 10 business days.

Hushh-ups® have a warranty of 2 years when used in a normal classroom setting.

If after your delivery of Hushh-ups® they are not as expected, they may be returned as long as they have not been used. There is 20% restocking fee and the shipping costs for the return is the customer’s responsibility.

In the rare case of defective Hushh-ups®, our company will assume accountability and replace the product.

Please email us at info@hushhups.ca or call us at 800-263-1828 to let us know if you are requesting a refund or have any issues with your order.

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